3 Easy Gin Cocktail Recipes To Try At Home

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3 Easy Gin Cocktail Recipes

Gin is by far my favourite spirit of them all. But there’s more to life than just a classic gin and tonic! Looking to shake up our weekend gin routine, we decided to try out these 3 easy gin cocktail recipes.

The recipes below are adapted from the book GIN: Shake, Muddle, Stir. This nifty little book is filled with over 40 gin-based cocktail recipes. It also gives an intro to some of the biggest gin and tonic brands that have emerged over the years, including some that we tried for the first time at our local Gin Festival.


Pink Grapefruit Collins

The classic Collins gets a tangy twist with added grapefruit juice. Complete with a dash of sugar to sweeten and sprig of mint to garnish.
Gin – 60ml
Pink grapefruit juice – 60ml
Tonic water – to top up
Light brown sugar – 1 tsp
Mint – to garnish


Pink Grapefruit Collins - Gin Cocktail Recipe


Beach House

This tropical tipple is light, sweet and refreshing. A bit like a pina colada / G&T fusion. But be warned – it’s incredibly easy to drink!
Gin – 60ml
Lime juice – 15ml
Coconut water – to top up
White sugar – 1 tsp
Lime or lemon – to garnish


Beach House - Gin Cocktail Recipe


Apple & Elderflower Collins

Another twist on a classic Collins. With just the right amount of sharpness and sweetness, this apple and elderflower combination is a winner.
Gin – 60ml
Cloudy apple juice – 60ml
Lime juice – 10ml
Elderflower cordial – 10ml
White sugar – 1 tsp
Lime or lemon – to garnish


Apple & Elderflower Collins - Gin Cocktail Recipe


Got any favourite gin cocktail recipes?

Let me know in the comments below!


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